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Friday, March 22, 2013

Color Class: Black & White

Combinations do not get more classic than black and white.  This crisp look is everywhere including interior design. I love the way creative industries influence one another.  The overlap is a fun excuse to squeeze in some house idea pictures!

I digress, we are here for clothes!

As a trend, black and white had a big runway presence.

 Michael Kors & Marc Jacobs

Oscar de la Renta & Tory Burch Holiday 12

Now for a little real life translation!  This trend is easy to rock.  We all have scads of black and white basics in our closets.  The trick is the combination.  Black and white stripes add graphic punch to your ensemble. Do not be afraid to mix your prints- anyone for houndstooth & stripes? When you are only working with two colors you can take a little more risk and pull it off. However, most street wear I have seen is just solids pulled together. This trend is a quick way to get out the door to work, cocktails, or for weekend errands looking crisp, chic, and on trend. Here is some outfit inspiration:

 J. Crew 

I love these: all black with a white statement necklace, mixing graphic prints. 

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