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Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Transition

Hello Spring!

The warm, sunny weather today has me thinking about transitional clothes (i.e. outfits or pieces that can take you from one season to another).  Here is a fun outfit that I put together with pieces from Target plus a couple of budget-friendly accessories.  Later when it is warmer the faux-wrap dress could be worn on it's own and belted.  It would also be cute with flats. The chambray blazer is a steal and would work as a more elegant alternative to the classic jean jacket.  The wedge sandals would be fun with shorts or capris as well as jeans. Both the tortoise bangle and feather pendant necklace would be stylish additions to your spring/summer looks.

Have you found any cute transitional deals? Keep me posted!

Dress, Mossimo for Target, $30.
Blazer, Merona for Target, $35.
Wedge Sandal, Mossimo for Target, $30.
Tortoise Bangle, BAUBLEBAR, $38.
Feather Pendant Necklace, Free People, $38.


  1. I am ready to burn my winter sweaters. Just when I think I can safely clean them and put them away, it gets cold again. Bought 2 pairs of Minnie pants from JCrew that I love, but other than that, nothing else inspiring for Spring! I was at Target today and really don't like that new Gurung line. Your Target picks always look so cute. I can never visualize anything when I am there.

  2. I know! March has been the lion this year! I agree, I'm done with my winter wardrobe. I have had trouble even wearing flats of late because my toes get so cold. I start out with them in the morning and end up back in my Uggs by the afternoon.

    I am so glad you bought the Minnie pants. They are a staple for me. Target has been a bit challenging for clothes of late (somehow I still manage to go!). I had high hopes for Probal Garung but ended up disappointed. It is over the top, but not in a good way. In addition, I found the fit to be off. I promise to forge ahead with hunting and find us whatever I can. It can be fabulous to find a trendy piece(s) there and not have to make a big investment.

    Thanks for checking out the blog!!