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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


If you're like me, you are BUSY preparing for the holidays.  In my case this involves lots of packing, and planning for outfits for all sorts of gatherings...for my husband, children, and myself.  Sometimes the process can be quite stressful. 

Well, here is a fool-proof plan for an elegant, on trend, holiday outfit: Neutral-ize.

Pair different pieces in the same color scheme together.  Mix cream, tan, nude, winter white, khaki, and brown to create an elegant palette.  Layer tones, textures, and proportions. Add some jewelry to make the look your own. Voila! 


Stylist Tip: If you are fair, avoid your complexion appearing "washed out" (as my grandmother would say), by using ample blush and lipstick or lip stain for color. Make sure your face has plenty of color!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Looks to Keep

Looks to Keep
for fall & winter

I have to admit, I have been waiting for the big reveal. I kept thinking some big new fashion trend would pop up from designers.  However, in my research and doing a fair amount of shopping (just looking), not much is new this season.  On the bright side...we can wear what we have!!!

How budget friendly is that?!?! is my list of pieces you probably already have and should continue to ROCK!!

Skinny, dark jeans (see previous post)

Plaid Flannel (make sure it's fitted, we are not talking Kurt Cobain)

Fur (vegan or real, it all looks great)

Tall Leather Boots

Athletic Chic (admit it, you wear your workout clothes to the grocery store)


Statement Necklaces

Military Jackets

Draped Sweaters

Colorful Coats

Jeggings/Thick Leggings


Heels with Detail (think pattern/texture/color)

Silky Blouses

Animal Prints


Braids (if you are into it, they are everywhere!)

50's Style Fitted Sweater

Thought of the Day

We all need to remind ourselves of this axiom, even though it can be scary.  I have been attempting a lot of this in my life of late. As it relates to fashion, branching out can be a little easier!!