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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Bootie

I'm talking about shoes, people!!

A good friend of mine just returned from market in New York.  Of course I grilled her about the noticeable street trends.  She reported that short boots were everywhere.  They are definitely on my list of upcoming purchases.  I just need to find the right price!

Wow! Pretty but painful.

That's better.

Brrrr! Our weather still calls for bundling up.  So, sadly these shots are still fabulous and relevant.

But as we transition to warm weather, the bootie is a great choice with dresses and skinny jeans for Spring and summer.  The look reads a bit bohemian.   However, what can take your outfit to the next level is the way you pair them.  It's cowgirl meets cocktails. Romance and rock-n'-roll. Booties can lend an edge to something more preppy and sedate.

How can you do this look on a budget? The bootie is a fun way to mix up your wardrobe.  Pair it with basics as well as items from past seasons for a fresh look.  

My Budget Pick:

Tom's Wedge Bootie
*They come in linen and chambray this spring as well.*

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  1. I saw some stylish women in Atlanta wearing these. Definitely not for me.