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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Fall Outfit Inspiration

Here are some good ideas if you are feeling a little stumped like me as to what you wore last Fall and Winter. Surely I was dressed and I know I cared about it! So here goes...I'm pretty sure I already have a lot of this in my closet. I'll bet you do too!

Stylish Fall Outfits For Women (20):
Here we go. It couldn't be simpler...rolled jeans, cargo jacket, chucks, and sunglasses. Of course her hair is impeccable- I will not be replicating that piece of the look.

Fall + florals. Perfect mix of Vintage Americana & a touch of hipster/military, finished with soft, feminine touches.:
I really like this one. Striped tee with black leggings and a statement necklace. The unexpected part is the gray boots. Four pieces people. We have got this!

womens Fall outfits 2014 - Google Search:
Another easy, chic transition combination. Summer's lace blouse, navy blazer, brown boots and belt, jeans or dark skinny pants. 

Staying warm while looking fashionable doesn't have to be such a burdening dilemma this fall.   Thanks to, you can learn all there is to know about layering for cooler weather.:
I will say it over and over, black, chambray, leopard... black, chambray, leopard... black, chambray, leopard. Classic.

A gingham button up, faux fur vest, cozy scarf & ankle booties makes makes for a fail-proof fall look.:

Think of it as an equation... neutral fur vest + gingham button down + cream scarf + skinny jeans/pants + neutral bootie = Fall fabulous.

The boots are big heels but It works for this outfit. The romper is super cute and u can wear with out leggings.:
Transition your rompers into Fall with tights and boots.

Just a few ideas. Stay tuned, more to come!

Hello Fall

Raking’s All Done - by Mike Martin.:

I am so happy that Fall is finally upon us. The weather is beginning to cooperate here in Virginia. I can't wait for crisp nights, football (kind of), fires, and the clothes!

...voy a borrar de la memoria  las sombras, se hará la luz, recuperando la esencia tomo aliento para saltar, respiro mi destino, sé lo que vendrá,  pasión que enciende el alma, ganas de volar. Sentada frente al sol sin nada que ocultar, respiro mi destino sé lo que vendrá...: