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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy (almost) 2012!

Happy (almost) 2012!

Happy New Year!  Please be safe tonight and have fun!

NARS The Multiple

NARS The Multiple

Nars 'The Multiple' Stick
$39 -

         A definite must-have for your make-up bag.  NARS The multiple in orgasm (color), is a top selling make-up item.  It garners awards from beauty editors season after season.  You can use it on your eyes, lips, and face.  I think it is best used as blush.  The color is so versatile; it is equally flattering on all skin tones.  It gives you that dewy, young look that comes from creme blushes.  As a consumer, you cannot go wrong.  I love a sure bet and am a long-time devotee.  

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hello Winter

Winter Casual


          Here is a laid-back inspiration outfit for the upcoming holiday weekend.  It's now officially winter, and all I can think about are the new bright Spring /Summer clothes from the runways.   But I must bloom where I am planted and embrace the season as it has really just begun. 

       As for achieving this look on the cheap...I imagine many of you have a striped shirt and some sort of brown shoe to pair with jeans.  The emerald green sweater is a fun punch of color; red would be just as pretty.  The outfit would have the same effect with black boots and a black coat.  Experiment and make it yours.  This is the perfect opportunity to shop your closet!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winter Black Tie

Merry Merry!
Winter Black Tie
       Here is an inspiration outfit for a special Winter night out.  Let me say first and foremost that I would NEVER spend so much on a Jenny Packam dress like the one above but I found something like it on a budget.  The holidays are an absolutely appropriate time to make a sparkly statement!

 Earrings: Banana Republic, $40.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


        Monochromatic looks are having a moment in fashion.  Get inspired, pull separates from your closet, and pair different shades of the same color together for an on-trend combination.

Have fun with the look.  Keep it interesting: mix textures and play with proportion.

The Sock Bun

What is more feminine or cute than a big ballerina bun?  Here is a good photographic representation with directions below:

1. Find a sock closely matching your hair color.  Cut off the toe.
2. Put your hair in a high pony-tail.
3.  Make a doughnut out of the sock
4.  Starting at the tip of the pony-tail, begin wrapping and rolling the hair around the sock doughnut, over and over until you reach the bottom of the pony-tail.


This is the epitome of chic on a budget- everyone has a spare sock!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Outfit Inspiration

    Here is a great casual outfit for finishing up all your holiday shopping:

The combination of the chocolate brown with the navy and gold is understated and elegant.   What I love about this look is that it is comprised of basics that are probably already in our closets.

The look for less:

J. Crew Eden Cardigan in Navy
$89.50 $59.99

Forever 21 Braided Wide Belt

The North Face Anacaqua Vest
Zappos, $99.00

Tahari Gentry Boots at Macy's
$229.00 $169.99

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nude shoes

Nude shoes should be a part of every woman's wardrobe.  We are all familiar with "bone" colored shoes from our childhoods.  Nude is the new bone.  You can dress them up or down and they match everything.  Why do fashion editors love them so, you may ask?  Nude pumps, sandals or flats lengthen the line of your leg- hence the fashion runway presence.  Therefore the wearer looks thinner with longer legs.  This is because the look of the leg is not "broken" by color on the foot.  I'm 5'4 on a good day, lengthening the leg is the name of the game.  No matter what your stature, an elongated line is preferable. Try a shade close to your skin tone to maximize the benefit.

nude flats

nude platform sandal

nude pumps

 sandal with black shift

  nude from head to toe

nude with winter white

You truly cannot go wrong.  This concept is not as much a trend as a dressing strategy.  Nude shoes of all varieties are foolproof.  They are the perfect year-round shoe that matches everything in your closet. You'll look taller and slimmer!  This look can be achieved without breaking the bank:

Budget Options:

Zappos, Jessica Simpson "Callie" in Nude Patent
***I have a couple of pairs of Jessica Simpson pumps purchased through the years.  Like this one, mine have a built in platform that does wonders.  They are comfortable and wear well.***

Zappos, Nine West 'Loveit'
$79.99 $58.99

Via Spiga 'Ryan' Pump
$198.  $79.97

Michael Kors  'Fulton Quilted Moccasin'
                                                                                                                                            photos by Pinterest

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sale City

If you have last minute shopping to do, today is a great day for it online. These are generally the last few days of the holiday season to order items and still receive them using standard shipping.  Here are a few sites with great sales today:

Boden just started it's Winter Sale, almost everything is 50% off or more.  Some summer items are still available at great prices.

J. Crew is also having a one day sale.  Your entire order is 25% off.  Use the code MERRY at check-out.

Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy all have 30% off through tomorrow at checkout when you use the code HOLIDAY.

Happy Hunting!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Rainbow Connection

Holiday happiness in a jar!

          This look is quite a departure for me, I usually gravitate towards light pinks on my hands.  BUT it's fun to branch out!  So, I bought it for my girls today.  It's like a Christmas tree in a bottle!  It's OPI nail polish from the Muppets Collection.  It seems to be selling out all over the place, so get it while you can!  It would make a perfect stocking-stuffer for a teen or circe for a friend.

OPI Nail Polish 
Rainbow Connection

                                        photo by Pinterest

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This year I was hoping my holiday preparations would feel something like this:

and this:
calm, organized and serene. All the while looking totally chic.

Instead, I feel like this:

As a mother of a preschooler, this morning it dawned on me that I only have 6 shopping and organizing days until Christmas.  The little one will be out of school next Friday, and you cannot even count that day because of the class party!  So now it is really time to panic and freak out!!!!  

Good thing it's all so much fun!  I am on the hunt for budget friendly Christmas gifts.  I'll let you know what I find!!
                                                                                                                                              photos by Pinterest

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Peacock Blue

            Peacock blue or teal is a beautiful rich color that plays well off a variety of basics we all have in our closets.  The look is rich and of the moment.  If you're looking for a new shirt or skirt, consider this gorgeous color.  Here are a few lovely examples to get you inspired:

A sleek shirt-dress with a slim leather belt.

A bright pencil skirt with stripes and a tiny leopard print belt.
An overcoat paired with gray.

 Carla Bruni, rocking two huge trends: long sleeve gown and peacock blue.

A favorite: the scarf.  

The Look for less...
This look can be tough to find as it is mostly in high fashion and has not been knocked off by my budget friends.  But I've searched around and found a few winners:

Nordstrom Bobeau Racerback Maxi Dress
$58. $37.90

J. Crew Flair Skirt in double-serge wool
$128. $69.99

Nordstrom Capelli of New York
Ruched Ruffle Scarf