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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Saving Money at Target

There are several easy ways to save money at Target. First and foremost, get a Target Red Debit Card . It links to your bank account and operates just like your bank debit card. You get 5% off of every transaction. It's like getting a senior citizen discount everyday! There is nothing more pleasing than swiping your red card at the end of the transaction and watching your total drop. You also get free shipping and 5% off everything Target online.

***You can also link your Red Card to a local school and the school, in turn gets a percentage of what you spend through Target's Take Charge of Education program. ***

Next, download the Cartwheel App onto your smartphone.
 This app has tons of Target coupons and discounts only available on the app.  I recommend checking what is discounted before you go in the store as inside the Target wifi seems to block adding savings categories inside. I have left my cart before and gone outside when found something I wanted and needed to load the discount. You can select up to 10 discount offers on the app at a time. These discounts are on top of your 5% Red Card savings. 

When checking out, they scan the app's bar code on your phone to get your additional savings.

If you are willing to do some homework, Target will price match any current and local competitors price on a product you find cheaper at another store. This can be worth the effort if you are shopping for big ticket items.

Check out the Clearance items on end caps, the apparel department, and electronics. If someone brings back electronics that the store does not stock, they automatically get marked down and put on clearance. I have picked up all sorts of gems in the electronic clearance section like iPad stands and speakers.

It took me while to figure out the clearance labels, but this picture is pretty handy:

I'm not a serious "couponer" but I love a good deal. Happy Targeting!


  1. I am waaaay too lazy to save money at Target!

  2. @Kate- I can be so lazy but I am trying to turn over a new leaf. We'll see how it goes!!