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Monday, March 24, 2014

Paris Street Style

Last month I went to Paris with my husband and dear friends. If you are what you eat, this was pretty much me. Although you would need to stuff that croissant with lots of chocolate: je t'aime pain au chocolat.
I digress. Chocolate was was only one of my missions while I was there. When I visted after college, I was fascinated by the style of French women. It all seems so effortless and chic.  The same can be said this time around.  However, fashion has become so global.  You can google Paris street style and get hundreds of images instantly. The women (and men for that matter) wear a lot of close fitting, casual, neutrals. I felt that we fit right in. I only noticed a couple of stand out trends that might help us become slightly more fashion forward:

Low boots...

It was all about skinny pants or jeans and "booties." So many French women wear heeled booties but I loved the low heel or flats even more.  If you are tired of your tall boots, this is a great option and will put you ahead of the fashion curb. I only saw two pairs of tall boots in France!

Fur Jackets...

The chicest ladies we saw abroad had on these lovelies...many times with the bootie! It does not matter whether it is faux or real.  It's a look: wavy hair (see previous post) + fur jacket + skinny jeans + bootie = fabulous. 


  1. I want to hear ALL about it!!! And I just found some fabulous chocolate croissants at Trader Joe's so I'll bring you some :)

  2. I love it! I dream about Trader Joe's!! Even better if it means I get to see you and catch up! xx