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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stylist Tip: Do Not Be Ordinary

Do not be tempted to look ordinary. I have had clients tell me that they get dressed thinking they do not want to stand out. Life really is too short! Always dare to go out of your comfort zone just a bit when putting on your clothes and accessories.  Wear what makes you happy!

Case in point... I give you the fox tights. I was holding these gems in Anthropologie when I heard one of my besties say "step away from the fox tights." If I had heeded her instruction I would not be rocking this fabulous look tonight for a date with the hubby- and they make me so happy! They will get attention and it will be lots of fun!

These little beauties may look black, but they are a true navy.

For a similar look (budget friendly) to the image up top: