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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Camp Pick Up: Outfit Ideas

Is it wrong to care about what you wear when you pick your child up from summer camp?
Well, if it is, then I am oh so very in trouble
(these are serious first world problems). 

credit:Our State Magazine

But seriously, I like to have a good outfit for everything. I love clothes if you have not noticed. So if this post speaks to you then follow along...

When choosing the right Mommy outfit for picking up your child I always want to be comfortable. I must have been much tougher in my youth as camp pick-up days can be 100 degrees with full humidity (read: melting!!!). Consider a loose but cute day dress or shorts and a nice t-shirt with flat sandals for all the walking and schlepping.  You want to look like you care but also that you are relaxed enough to have once been a camper and/or counselor yourself.  Choose a couple of accessories to express your taste without going over the top.  I try to avoid anything that screams Nantucket summer: too cliche. 

Here are a few looks:

Little White Lies Shift Dress
J. Crew Pintuck Sundress
$98. $88.
 Personally I have two of these days this month. I cannot wait to see my little big people! I have missed them so much. I hope you are as excited as I am.

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