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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Athleisure: Teeki Yoga Pants

For real. I am fascinated by this company. The look of their product is new and unique. The prints are graphic, western, funky, and eye-catching. Teeki  is dedicated to recycling. Each pair of pants is made of at least 8 recycled water bottles. I love the concept from A to Z. Plus, I live in my workout pants and prefer to not look like everyone else at the gym. Winner winner.

The fabric in the pants is something close to swimwear material and dries quickly. My hope is that they are simultaneously thick enough to stay in place during hard work-outs. We'll see... I ordered a pair last week.  The waistband is wide and folds easily for a lower fit on the hips. Conceptually, you can throw on a drapey sweater or sweatshirt and hit the town.

Teeki Deer Medicine Capri, $52. Love this print!

Teeki Awakening Hot Pant $66. The first person I see in these is going to get a high five- BOLD move.

Living the athleisure dream. I'm in.

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  1. Wow!! Happy to see these teeki yoga pants. Planning to have these pants along with my favourite Carbon 38 workout clothes. Will soon place an order for them on a reputed online store. Will look for a good discount offer. Hope will get it.