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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Arm Candy

Lily and Laura Bracelets
Have you shopped in a college town recently? If you have, at the check out, you have surely seen a large glass bowl brimming with bead bracelets. I love the bracelets and the concept. The price is even more fun: usually 1 bracelet for $11., or 3 for $30..

These handmade glass bead bracelets are made in Nepal by local women. Some of the proceeds go back into the community there.  I think I would have bought them anyway but it feels good to give back!

The best way to wear the bracelets is to stack them with other bracelets from your collection. That way you avoid a matchy/matchy look. They add a little punch and depth to finer pieces as well. 

Initially I gravitated towards classic jewelry tones: gold, rose gold, and silver.  This is a safe bet but the colors are gorgeous. If you are wondering how often you will wear them... ALL THE TIME. I even swim in mine with the kids. 

What a fun trend!

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