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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Rainbow Connection

Holiday happiness in a jar!

          This look is quite a departure for me, I usually gravitate towards light pinks on my hands.  BUT it's fun to branch out!  So, I bought it for my girls today.  It's like a Christmas tree in a bottle!  It's OPI nail polish from the Muppets Collection.  It seems to be selling out all over the place, so get it while you can!  It would make a perfect stocking-stuffer for a teen or circe for a friend.

OPI Nail Polish 
Rainbow Connection

                                        photo by Pinterest


  1. I never paint my nails apart from a clear coat, but Sophie loves to. This is perfect for her! Now to find it . . .

  2. How FUN, Boyd!! The girls will love this! You are such a good momma! Hopefully I can find some for Mary Fowler!