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Monday, January 30, 2012


Diane von Furstenberg: The Bearable Lightness of Packing.
When I first watched this clip I thought I was going to be imparted some serious packing wisdom from the source.  However, what the video lacks in packing direction, DVF makes up for with her chic sensibility as well as joie de vivre.  She says,"if you pack lightly, you live lightly."  Hmmm...

I have packing on the brain of late.  As a compulsive over-packer, I have been hunting for tips for more efficient ways to get to the same result:  a cohesive, chic, appropriate look for my destination while staying within my means (and my suitcase!).  These directions from a pair & a spare sum it up packing well.

Maybe next time my suitcase will be a little more organized!


  1. Ha! I notoriously UNDER pack everytime I go somewhere. We used to go to SF a lot in the summer when we lived in Seattle and I could never wrap my brain around how cold it would be there. I always ended up running into The Gap with goosebumps looking for a jacket or sweater!

  2. You lucky duck! Enjoy Hawaii!!!