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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Workin' on my Fitness

    I LOVE the look of Athleta and Lulumon work-out gear.  It makes exercising look elegant and chic.  But what I like most about these two brands are the compression, styling, and shaping benefits of their pieces.  After all, I feel so much better about staring at myself in a gym mirror when I like my outfit.  

Man, I love a kettle ball.  

I tolerate running.

The only thing wrong, is the price-point.  What's new?!!!  

Here are a few budget-friendly pieces that I love.  When I look for activewear I'm looking for key-words like compression and spandex (HELLO!!).  I also like my fabrics to be thick for a smooth look.  As in everyday life, play up your assets and downplay any perceived flaws- it's about you feeling good.  Maybe we'll all hit the gym more if we like our outfit!

I am crazy about the compression Reversible "tights" from Target (pictured above left).  At $34.99 they are a steal compared to other brands.  The fabric is thick and they do not ride up, even with running.  I have two pairs and I am considering another!  They look great paired with tanks or even a loose t-shirt if your middle is your problem area.  

This Zella top is so cute when paired with a sports bra underneath.  
Nordstrom, $38.  The reviews say it runs large, so order a size down.

This top is so Flashdance and the tye-dye look is on trend.  It also comes in solid colors.  I figure that this model has to be 6 ft. tall, so it would not be truly cropped on "normal" women.  It is called the 'off the shoulder crop' from Victoria's Secret, at $29.50.  The draping is so attractive.  The look would transition well from gym to the street.

Zella 'Play the Day Away' Skirted Capri
Nordstrom, $54.

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  1. Thanks Budget Stylist! That skirted capri is adorable. I don't feel comfortable letting my rear end hang out and always like a skort. I have found some good stuff at Target, but you can't beat the quality fabrics of Athleta/Lululemon. I only buy things there on sale.