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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nude shoes

Nude shoes should be a part of every woman's wardrobe.  We are all familiar with "bone" colored shoes from our childhoods.  Nude is the new bone.  You can dress them up or down and they match everything.  Why do fashion editors love them so, you may ask?  Nude pumps, sandals or flats lengthen the line of your leg- hence the fashion runway presence.  Therefore the wearer looks thinner with longer legs.  This is because the look of the leg is not "broken" by color on the foot.  I'm 5'4 on a good day, lengthening the leg is the name of the game.  No matter what your stature, an elongated line is preferable. Try a shade close to your skin tone to maximize the benefit.

nude flats

nude platform sandal

nude pumps

 sandal with black shift

  nude from head to toe

nude with winter white

You truly cannot go wrong.  This concept is not as much a trend as a dressing strategy.  Nude shoes of all varieties are foolproof.  They are the perfect year-round shoe that matches everything in your closet. You'll look taller and slimmer!  This look can be achieved without breaking the bank:

Budget Options:

Zappos, Jessica Simpson "Callie" in Nude Patent
***I have a couple of pairs of Jessica Simpson pumps purchased through the years.  Like this one, mine have a built in platform that does wonders.  They are comfortable and wear well.***

Zappos, Nine West 'Loveit'
$79.99 $58.99

Via Spiga 'Ryan' Pump
$198.  $79.97

Michael Kors  'Fulton Quilted Moccasin'
                                                                                                                                            photos by Pinterest

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