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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


          There is truly nothing new under the sun!  While polka dot prints are not novel, they are certainly as fresh as ever when worn the right way.  To keep this look sophisticated as opposed to saccharine, here are some tips:

-pair dots with a masculine item, like this jean jacket 

-dots are chic with a black background, not childish

-wear just one piece at a time

-evening wear is a GO (keep the make-up and accessories understated)

- a scarf is a safe way to try the trend with items you have.

Let the polka dots (I even like saying it!) be the outfit.  While a classic in fashion, they have bold graphic punch.  Keep the rest of your ensemble simple and YOU will wear the dots, instead of the dots wearing you!  

                                                                                                photos by Pinterest

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