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Monday, August 11, 2014

Rainy Day Chic

I'm preparing to build an arc. Seriously, this rain has to end!!  

Generally, I love rain and picture my day inside going something like this:

But really, it ends up as a jacked up version of this:

So if you are as desperate as I am to beat cabin fever and get outside, here is some outfit inspiration:
A striped t-shirt dress is always sharp with wellies.

 These two are obviously colder weather looks...

Love the flowing summer dress with a long cardigan. Keep using those Summer dresses into Fall!

L.L. Bean Duck Boots, the perennial preppy favorite, are always a winner for any kind of wet weather. I still have mine from middle school (complete with my high school boyfriend's name written underneath). But I still love them and they are guaranteed for life!!.

Recently companies have come out with rain flats that are adorable. Plus they are a little cooler than wellies on balmy days. I found a pair of Hunters for $15. on clearance.  Keep a look out for these!

Melissa Dilut Leopard Flats

For a more budget friendly option, check out these OKA-b Rain Flats, $45..

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