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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Boyfriend Jeans

I dug my boyfriend jeans back out of my closet yesterday.  Man, do I love them. It's wonderful when when comfort and style meet! They are back in style just in time for warmer weather.
How to wear Boyfriend Jeans:
-The look is (as the name suggests) borrowed jeans from the man in your life- boyfriend/brother. But the great part is you can now get them in your size. Think slouchy, casual, lived in, throw in some rips and you are ready to go. It's another riff on fashions love affair with high/low concepts.
-Pair them with a something tailored or more feminine on top. A few borrowed ideas:

The key to the look is rolling the cuff to show a little ankle. Heels are always a winner but I like to wear mine with Toms or Chuck Taylors. With boyfriend jeans you can look simultaneously edgy and sweet. Love it! A few more ideas...

Fun and comfy: win win!!

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