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Monday, March 5, 2012

Man Magnet Clothes

Do women dress for men or other women? Whatever your take on this debate, if you want to impress the man in your life, check out this poll compiled by Redbook and the Today show.   It is just too funny and surprising not to pass on to you! 

Have you ever wondered what your wardrobe would look like if you were dressed by your husband or boyfriend? Redbook magazine polled over 300 men to chose their favorite looks out of this Spring's trends.  Surprisingly, the results had nothing to do with boobs and derrieres!  The men polled voted for the top 5 most attractive looks:

1. The All White Outfit:  "Men are simple creatures" when it comes to taste and they like a clean look as opposed to lots of prints. Caveat: do not wear white shoes with an all white outfit.

2. Sporty Chic:  "It's like wearing his shirt, only better," says the Today Show.  It's comfortable and sexy.  Give an anorak a try as a transitional piece for the seasons.  This jacket is huge for Spring and will give a sporty vibe to the clothes already in your closet.

3. Figure Flattering Dress:  Try a slip dress for this look.  It shows just enough without being revealing.  The slip dress is soft, flowy, and feminine.

                                      Free People Dress

4. Shorts: "These are not baring, Daisy Duke shorts. They are soft and feminine."  If you need more length, go for it.  Shorts are everywhere this Spring, at all different price points and looks.  Shorts as evening wear is HUGE as well.  You can even get them in sequins if your dare!

                                                           Both outfits are from J. Crew. The scalloped short is adorable but pricey at $118., the blue shorts are just $49.50.

5. Strapless: "Men are suckers for bare shoulders."  Obviously, this is a classic, super feminine look.  Strapless never goes out of style.  Keep it simple and feminine by minimizing your accessories.  The dress can be form-filling or loose and billowy.  The point is to focus attention on your shoulders.


Strapless chiffon dress
£55 -

Strapless dress
£25 -

Quiksilver strapless dress
$70 -

Smocked dress
$40 -

ASOS strapless dress
$50 -

Dorothy Perkins strapless cocktail dress
$44 -

Strapless cocktail dress
$53 -

2 Lips Too t strap heels
$68 -


  1. I maintain that most women dress for women! Great suggestions! Adam bought me a pair of short "collegiate" shorts one time and I knew from then on either I dress for women (of the nunnery) or he has horrible taste! Or both!

  2. I totally agree with Olivia. My husband could care less what I wear, as long as it is not red. He still wears high school clothes from L.L. Bean. He is not a fashionista. I think I dress for myself and my moods most of all.