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Monday, March 26, 2012

Deal of the Day...Sperry for Girls

            This post is dedicated to my Mom, who has worn Sperry topsiders all of my life.    I'll admit, there were times that I made fun of her for it.  But as the years went on, my sister and I would steal them out of her closet when we were home. You were right Mom (as always)!  Face it- Sperry topsiders are comfortable and currently cool.  Plus, thousands of university women can't be wrong.  You can barely turn a corner these days without seeing a twenty-something woman wearing Sperrys. 

      Womens and Men's Sperrys are fab.  BUT, if you have a little girl, check these out.   They are too cute at a great price!  You can currently buy Sperry topsiders and other varieties almost anywhere, from Zappos to the Sperry site.  These girl Sperrys are available at Rack Room, for "BOGO" (buy one get one) for 50% off.   I love the pink and turquoise combination with the pops of patent leather.  Plus, they're boat friendly!!
Girl's Sperry Biscayne, $34.99


  1. Mother knows best! At least that's what I have learned in life!