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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stylist Tip: Don't Slip Up


At a recent party the conversation went as follows:
Friend: "What do you wear under long dresses (maxis) so you cannot see through them?"
ME: "A slip."
Friend: "I know, my grandmother used to wear those. But who has them anymore?"
ME: "I'm wearing one right now."
Friend: "What?!? Where did you find it?!?"
Burberry Spring '14
Obviously, this look is highly editorial. But, a nude slip would be welcome off the runway.

Slips have come a long way since our grandmother's era. Modern blends with spandex and Lycra create soft, flat laying fabrics that move with you while helping the dress or skirt skim over your body. Slips help negate possible dress transparency and camouflage any VPLs (visible panty lines). My favorite half-slip features a wide stretchy lace waistband that lies completely flat. 
Vanity Fair Half-Slip in nude
Target, $16.99

DKNY Fusion Slip

The Gap, Full Slip
$26.95 $18.84 
I recently ordered this slip from The Gap (of course on sale!). It will be helpful for all the thin summer sundresses that just need a little extra layer underneath.

Our grandmothers were right about so many things: slips are a necessity.

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