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Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Lazy Beauty Routine

It's a NO NO!!

Let's face it, after a big night out, or really any day of the week, it's easy to get lazy.  Sometimes I think it's a feat to have made it into my pajamas. But we all know that we should not go to bed with make-up on our faces.  Ideally, dermatologists recommend washing and moisturizing every night.  So here are my favorite budget-friendly products that save time on my bed-time routine:

When I had my first child I discovered a true love of baby wipes.  They are a delightful multitasker! I swear, I will never be without them in my life.  I use for everything from cleaning cars, children's faces, and wiping down baseboards.  But, I digress.  I have found the best wipes for faces.  No need for a wash cloth, soap, or running water!  It's all built right in there.  I have tried so many kinds.  Both of these brands  are hypo-allergenic, and have the perfect amount of moisture without leaving any residue. 

Boots No. 7
Quick Thinking Wipes
Target, $6.50
These are my everyday go-to item.  

Yes To Tomatoes
Blemish Clearing Towelettes
These handy wipes have salicytic acid.  They are great for adults with break-outs and wrinkles. Add these to your pre-teen's toiletry items.  It cannot hurt!

Sonia Kashuk REMOVE
$10., Target
This eye make-up remover is so useful and moisturizes as it goes on.  It feels the same and works as well as Clinique's Take the Day Off Make-Up Remover ($18.). 

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