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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mint Condition

Usually, I associate mint with these little lovelies at derby time...

However, we are not discussing the fragrant mint plant here today.  This post is dedicated to the color:

Variations of the shade are everywhere, from design...

to runways...
Cacharel Fall 2012                                                                                                          
Versace Fall 2012

Vera Wang Spring 2012

Mint has translated from Spring to Fall (Winter) very well.  In the warmer months the color comes off as sea-like and light as air.  At this time of year it takes on an icy, bright feel.  Wearing mint in the colder months is a matter of strategically choosing the weight and mix of textures and fabrics.  For example: corduroy or suede mint is perfect.  Chiffon could look silly. Mint in winter plays well with colors that ground it: camel, navy, gray, black, and even leopard prints.  

Accessories are an easy way to freshen up your wardrobe:

A Vespa's an accessory, right? Hahaha

Mint + Gold
Jeweled Clutch

Wow!  Painful but pretty!!
Chanel 'Nouvelle Vague'
Nail Colour

Low Maintenance Budget Pick:

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails
'Mint Sorbet'

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  1. hmm. I think this post was subconsciously in my brain when I bought a pair of mint tights at Target to go with my Missoni tunic from years past. I have to say, I prefer my mint in a julep at the Derby party! A once a year treat.