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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A big look for spring and summer is stacked bracelets.  Anything goes with this trend: add a watch, different size bracelets and bangles.  Mixed metals are in as well if you want to be bold.  Try pairing the classics already in your closet with some of the newer types of bracelets- wrapped leather with studs and beads tied with colorful string. You can achieve a lot of impact with minimal effort and expense.

The look (on a budget) for a cause:  Kate Spade is selling these bangles from the 'hand in hand' collection in a collaboration with Woman International .  The bracelets are hand-made in Afghanistan and proceeds go to aid women in war torn countries.  They retail for $28. to $58. at Kate Spade.

'hand in hand' bangle, $58.


  1. Well darn. I had quite a nice and plentiful collection of Indian bangles from my Grateful Dead college days (not my best style, trust me) which I have since given away. I noticed my daughter went to school the other day with a chunky bracelet and a bunch of smaller ones plus a watch her Aunt gave her--all on the same arm. Maybe she reads your blog!

  2. You and Sophie are fashion gurus!!! I would be honored if she read my blog!!